Thursday, September 10, 2009

Play M@te Reviewed!

Initial Impressions:
Play M@te is also my first sex toy. At first, it was bigger than I expected. The head
diameter is around 4.5cm. At first I was worry about the size would it be to big put
in. The rubber surface provide a soft and elastic feeling.
There is two control on the handle, one is no-step switch to control the strength of
vibration which will massage the clitoris part. Another control the insertion part to
swing. It is running on 3 AA battery.

The built quality wasn’t impressive but the maker put a lot of effort on design to
maximize female pleasure, such as detailed dot surface on the vibrate part, and the
ergonomics shape.
90 mm head was cleverly designed for G spot.
Continuously variable control involve the partner in total control of the pleasure.
The shape create a strong vagina suction.
Both vagina and clitoral orgasm can achieve easily.
The size of play m@te make it hard to hide.
Vibrating noise are quite audible, unless covered with background music.

Experience with the product

As my first sex toy, it doesn’t disappointed me at any point. With Play M@te, my partner was able to achieve multi-orgasm every time we had sex. It definitely spice up the sex.
During foreplay, is an enhanced experience for the female. The high speed vibrator and rather short (90mm) head, that stimulate G-spot and clitoris, prepare and intensify the sensation for penetration. Before that, I worried about the play m@te reduce female’s desire for penetration, but nothing beat the deep and hard penetration with the aroused G-spot.
Whenever you need hold back or rest, it keep the fire burnt. This technique had prolong the love making and guaranteed for both parties maximum satisfaction.
Recommendations: So, I would like to strongly recommend this to female whoever want to achieve both internal and external orgasm.
While this product is designed to satisfy female physically. Surprisingly, it also successful to create mental satisfaction for male. Everyone love to see their partner cover in the special glory.

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  1. Sex toys has really spiced up sex live, every one these day one or other sex toys to make their relation stronger.


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